• Persistent File Security

    The Magic of FinalCode:
    Make files disappear AFTER they are sent.

    Grant file access to authorized recipients,
    audit activity throughout the lifecycle,
    and modify security policies on demand.

  • Use FinalCode to make files
    disappear after they are sent.

    IT'S MAGIC!!

  • Secure

    Restrict file access
    Dynamic policy modification

    • No password
    • Designate recipients
    • Limit access count/duration
    • Control
    • Automatic file deletion on unauthorized access
    • Print/screen watermark
    • Advanced Technology
      for Strong Encryption

      Confidently share files with RSA-2048 bit secure data transmission and strong 256-bit AES encryption.
      *FIPS140-2 Level 1 certified

    • Security Policy Settings

      Extensive and granular file entitlement
      (open, edit, print, etc.)
      based on file use and confidentiality.

    • User Operability

      Advanced password-less encryption technology allows users to simply double-click to open and work with the secure file in the users’ existing applications.

  • Track

    Persistently track file
    activity throughout file lifecycle

    • Access log
    • Unauthorized access detection
    • System operation log
    • Centralized File Activity History

      Track and log details on who, when and where shared files are opened, modified, printed, and remotely deleted even after files have been sent.

    • Visible Security Policy History

      All file usage is logged and available to the file owner. No more oversight of inappropriate security policies.

    • Status Notification

      File owner receives notification upon unauthorized access attempt. Instant alert of any unsanctioned file usage.

  • Remote Delete

    Make files disappear
    AFTER they are sent

    • Remote file deletion
    • Remote policy modification
    • Persistent Control of Files
      Wherever They Go

      File ownership remains with the file creator even after files have been sent.
      Users can modify security policies to change file access and permissions at anytime.
      Security policy updates are instantly reflected to the file.

    • Remote Delete Anytime, Anywhere

      Trigger remotely delete on recipient’s device on demand or on access attempt violation, even after files have been shared. Sensitive data remains intact even if the files were stolen or exfiltrated.


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Protecting Company Shared Files. Anywhere.

Use Cases

Protection from targeted attacks and preventing data breaches are just a few examples of why organizations want to secure sensitive information. FinalCode offers a range of features to meet every security requirement. Here are common use cases highlighting the combination of optional subscriptions that each organization selected to achieve persistent file security with FinalCode.

  • case


    Protect files from targeted attacks

  • case


    Protect files from negligence, internal fraud, and employee turnover

  • case


    Prevent data manipulation

  • case


    Ensure internal file protection

  • case


    Extend Box file governance

  • case


    Protect design files sent to supply chain

  • case


    Confidently share customer data with supply chain

  • case


    Stop security breach due to negligence

  • case


    Create “time-bomb” files

  • case


    Enhance security in local government

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